LiquaForce BigShot

Increased Yields

Increased CCS & Total Sugar, more seasons on your Ratoons. BigShot proves it grows better Sugar Cane.

Adjustable Chemistry

Flexible and adaptable, BigShot offers farm specific NPKS and the option of adding additional trace elements to support specific soil and crop requirements.

Reduces Farming Costs

BigShot reduces man hours, increases application speed (up to 60ha per day), no storage sheds and lets you operate in any weather!

Economical, Environmental & Effective

BigShot is a one shot application of high analysis NPKS, 9% organics & customised trace elements.  With reduced man hours, increased application speed and the ability to apply in wet weather all on top of increased CCS and Total Sugar, BigShot supports your bottom line and makes modern farming easier and faster.

Can be applied in the wet.

Rapid, one man refills with BigShot.

7th Year Ratoons

Cutting Edge Chemistry
Cutting Edge Results

BigShot is an economical and environmentally conscious single shot application of high analysis N.P.K.S fertiliser incorporating 9% organic carbon base which aids the microbial slow release of nitrogen fertiliser. This has not only been proven to stabilise the release of nitrogen, but also increase the efficiency of plant available nutrients.

LiquaForce BigShot gives growers the ability to add trace elements more consistently in their fertiliser program, offering the flexibility to create unique mixes specific for their requirements, including trace elements of zinc, copper, boron, or molybdenum.

The organic food source used in BigShot has not only been proven to slow down the release of nitrogen, it also increases the capacity of tillering plant cane to absorb nutrients.

The formula is also independently proven by research conducted by the University of Southern Queensland to reduce nitrogen leaching by 17% to help the microbial slow release of nitrogen.

With full flow metering you can get exact and consistent application of your fertiliser across your fields, tailoring application to specific paddocks and crop needs.

bigshot applicator


Delivered to your storage tank, no farmer required!

No storage shed, no bag lifter, no empty bags; No hassle.

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Use your current granular applicator with a simple conversion or purchase a purpose built applicator.

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Not a problem, you can plant in wet/cold weather with BigShot and rest assured your investment is protected. Read more here: Wet Weather

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