Storage, Refilling & Delivery

No Shed, No Mess, No Hassle

Reduce Man Hours

1 person refilling in 15 minutes.
No unloading & storage time.

Increased Safety

No 1 tonne bags to lift.
No extra machines to maintain.

Less Infrastructure

No storage shed, lifting tractor, truck or mess.


On Farm Storage Tanks

27,000L tank, no shed, minimal maintenance. Just a simple pad for the tank to sit on.

Refilling Pump

We recommend a 3″ Honda pump. Reduces your applicator reload time down to 15mins on average.

That's It

No bag lifter, no extra tractor, no extra man hours.

Or Leave a Tanker Paddock Side

We can leave a delivery tanker paddock side to shorten refilling times even more


See one of our famers get refilling in under 45 seconds!

A one Man Show:

1 hose interconnect, 2 flow taps and 1 pump start. You are refilling.

It really can’t get any simpler than that!

"Safe & Faster than Granular Bags"

You get 15 minutes of downtime while the pump does all the work. 

No dangerous 1 tonne bags, no bag clean up, no spills, no extra tractor.


Farmer Need Not Attend

Delivery is handled by our network of transport contractors from Mackay to Mossman, delivering from our local factories in Mackay and Ingham.

Our drivers will refill your tank or drop off a tanker paddock side without assistance. Yet another job taken off your to do list!


No bag lifter required!