Wet Weather Application

Rainy Days?
Liquaforce is Here for you

With subsurface application you can apply Liquaforce Plantstarter or BigShot rain or shine. Providing it is not too wet for the tractor to get on the paddock, you can fertiliser with the confidence that your product is still giving full value.

Subsurface application puts your nutrients underground with your root systems. Run off and leaching is minimised.

No need for tarps to keep fertiliser dry and no dealing with clumped granular fertiliser. 

Avoid downtime and give your crop the fertiliser it needs, when it needs it, not when the weather lets up.

Planted In Cold Wet Weather with Plantstarter:

Tully – 2020 Season

14 Days After Planting

5 Weeks After Planting

8 Weeks After Planting