Wet Weather Application

Rainy Days?
Liquaforce is Here for you

Delayed cutting or wet weather stopping you from surface application can be a big stress on a tight yearly schedule. 

You don’t want to risk applying on a sunny day then getting an unscheduled shower washing your fertiliser dollars away! 

So if you are sick of looking at the BoM forecast for a stretch of sunny days, we’ve got a solution.

“Don’t wash money down the drill!”

With subsurface application you can apply Liquaforce BigShot rain or shine. As long as your tractor can get on the paddock, you can fertilise with confidence that your product (and dollar) is still giving full value.

“If You Can Drive On It, We Can Fertilise It!”

Subsurface application puts your nutrients underground alongside your crops root systems, avoiding all the risk of those rain clouds washing away your future yield. 

Minimise run off, wasted money & wasted time.

“We can Cover Up to 60ha a Day!”

We can cover some serious ground using BigShot on your ratoons. If you’ve got a tight window before your crop is too tall for a tractor, give us a call today to discuss how we can put you back on schedule.

Planted In Cold Wet Weather with Plantstarter:

Tully – 2020 Season

14 Days After Planting

5 Weeks After Planting

8 Weeks After Planting