LiquaForce BioAccelerate

Increased Yields

25% Increased Yield Recorded in Soy Studies. Antecdotal Increased yield in Pumpkins & other Horticulture.

Adjustable Chemistry

Reduces Farming Costs

Reuse bed covers & trickle irrigation.
Can be pumped directly into irrigation, reduce man hours & application costs.

BioAccelerate For High Value Horticulture:
Increasing Yields & Reducing Waste

  • How is it Different from competitors???
  • Need a good introduction of the cost/benefit of using BioAccelerate.
  • I believe this is the product that has been successfully used in horti with bed covers, allowing for reuse of the bed covers and saving x amount per hectare in relaying bed covers between crops? (Rob – pumpkins – Burdekin)
  • I have no information about how this is applied in broad acre.
  • What are the other benefits of this product?
  • What are the features?
  • List of target crops: Soy, Legumes, Orchard/Tree crops, Horticulture – veg?
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2022 Atherton Soy Bean Trial Results

The results showed that Bioaccelerate had a positive effect on the soybean trial crop, resulting in improved growth, increased yield, and better nutrient uptake compared to the standard fertilizer treatment. Specifically, the plants treated with Bioaccelerate showed a 21% increase in yield compared to the control group. The fertilizer also had a positive impact on the root system, with plants exhibiting longer roots and greater root mass.

The study also found that Bioaccelerate led to a significant increase in nitrogen uptake by the soybean plants, which is an essential nutrient for crop growth. This indicates that the fertilizer may help reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer needed for soybean cultivation, potentially leading to cost savings for farmers.

Overall, the findings suggest that Bioaccelerate is an effective liquid fertilizer for legumes and high-value horticulture crops such as soybeans. Its ability to improve growth, yield, and nutrient uptake may make it a valuable tool for farmers seeking to increase crop productivity and sustainability while reducing their reliance on traditional fertilizers.

Trial Data

Table 1. Average Pods Per Plant

Normal FieldsBioAccelerate Fields% Increase
Average Pods per Plant:567330.3% Increase in Pods

Table 2. Average Height of Soybeans

1 Month After Application2 Months After Application3 Month After ApplicationAverage Final Height
BioAccelerate Results1100mm1266mm1370mm1245mm
Normal Results1000mm1133mm1250mm1127mm
Difference in Plant Height10%

Cutting Edge Chemistry,
Cutting Edge Results

I have no description of the chemistry involved with BioAccelerate, only a product label. Can someone please describe the chemistry in a short paragraph for me.


Nitrogen5.5 %w/v
Phosphorus0.3 %w/v
Potassium0.5 %w/v
Sulhpur0.85 %w/v
Calcium1.00 %w/v
Magnesium0.40 %w/v
Sodium0.7 %w/v
Iron3010 ppm w/v
Manganese3000 ppm w/v
Zinc4000 ppm w/v
Copper450 ppm w/v
Cobalt2.0 ppm w/v
Boron1.0 ppm w/v
Molybdenum300 ppm w/v
Organic Carbon9.0 %w/v


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