LandHub October Updates

The LAND HUB Projects are part of the Mackay Whitsunday, Lower Herbert and Tully Johnstone Water Quality Programs, funded by the partnership between the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, designed to improve water quality flowing off the land to the Great Barrier Reef by reducing the runoff of
dissolved inorganic nitrogen.
Participating project growers from our three regions are starting to see improvements in productivity after developing optimised Nutrient Management Plans in LAND HUB. Three growers share their stories below.

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Project: Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday – Summary Story

Building Knowledge – the LiquaForce Story Cane to Creek Mackay Whitsunday set out to examine farming practices and their impacts on run-off water quality and on production. This information can then be used by growers to select farming practices which are both beneficial for production and for the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. The farming practices

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